Adding 1 line of css code to my website

Hello, yesterday i have deployed my website on netlify and the process went smoothly but after my website went live i realized that search field on my website is still visible on pages other then the homepage and as search function is not in a working stage so in order to hide the search field I have added the following code to my localhost website main css file

display:none !important;

and tried to redeploy my website again but it got stuck on deploy, so i left it their and went to bed thinking that it will deploy eventually but now its the next day it was still stuck on deploying so i cancel the pending deployment, and I want to ask if theirs anyway for me or you admins to just add this line of code to my active css ( #search-2 { display:none !important; } ) without re deploying my website, by the way my website size in zip format is 11mb and while its unzip its 19mb.

Hey @giveawaydog

The short answer to this is no. If you need to add 1 line you still need to redeploy the site.

If you are having issues deploying, and are unable to determine the root cause, please post the latest deploy log, or provide a link to it (if deploy logs are public for your site) and the community can help you debug.