Added RMarkdown as HTML to Netlify

How would I add and RMarkdown document that was rendered as HTML in RStudio to Netlify as a post?

Hi @TahorSuiJuris - thanks for your question, but you need to tell us a little bit more about your project before we can maybe help you. Are you using a CMS? If so, which? Are you using a static site generator? If so, which? Can say more on how this is different than this post?

It might also be useful to seek out some help from those folks who provide the CMS you are using (if you are using one) or the static site generator (also if you are using one). If you get an answer somewhere else, we’d love it it you came back here to post your response so others can also benefit from your research! :+1:

I’d also check out this chapter in the blogdown book:

which talks about deploying R sites to Netlify.

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