Added a new site and DNS setting in Netlify but I still see an old site

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    I have an old site hosted by iPage and I have a new site that I did DNS setting in Netlify. The DNS is pointed to Netlify but I still see an old site when I go to that URL.

I’m seeing the Gatsby site when I navigate there. I ran a DNS check on your site and there might be some weird settings in your DNS records you should review.

  1. DNS pointers at the registrar are showing the Nameservers

  2. The apex(bare) domain is pointing to an ipage ip address still, probably due to the above.

  3. the subdomain ‘www’ has 2 entries. (also could be caused from #1)

I would first make sure you have removed the ipage DNS servers from the registrar DNS.

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I removed the iPage DNS servers. Maybe it will take a while to see a result?
How do you check DNS check?

For a simple online tool, you can use

I typically will just use dig from my unix shell. You could use online which works well also.

There is a lot to learn when dealing with DNS. I spent a lot of time getting a mental model on how it all works, but it still gets really fuzzy sometimes.


Thank you! It is very helpful.