Added a domain and it is still not verified

Netlify Site Name:

Custom Domain:

I updated the Name Servers in route53 which is my domain provider. Still, netlify has not verified DNS .

As you can see, the changes have not yet propagated:

How much time would it take to propagate the changes? It’s been around 24hrs since I did this. Or it I am missing something. I just updated the NS for netlify and not SOA.

Just changing the nameservers does the trick. Can you share your DNS records settings from your registrar’s panel?

Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 11.32.42 AM.png

Here, I created a new zone for netlify.

Since is not the apex domain, I think you should try the CNAME record configuration. Read here: Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs

Thanks, Creating the CNAME worked in domain worked. But it gives a certificate warning. Do I need to update custom certs instead of netlify one?

Do you mean you added CNAME for or did you add it for Just confirming.

The is still not resolving for me, so I’m not sure about that. However, gives a Not Found error which might mean that the CNAME record is working, except the domain is not connected to your website in the Netlify dashboard.

Sorry … I am confused with what needs to be done. If i create the cname record in as pointing to It works. But the branch subdomains ( give security warning and i have to create a cname ecord for branches also in
Now not using the subdomain is not using Netlify Nameservers

Your use case is not clear to me.

These are my assumptions and understandings, correct me if they’re wrong:

  1. Your apex domain is (DNS managed by Route53).
  2. You need the subdomain to be served by Netlify.
  3. You need more branches for the configuration in the previous point to be served by Netlify.

If this is correct, you need to add a CNAME record for with the name docs.ops and address as your Netlify website URL. None of these configurations would require you to change your nameservers.

I’m not very sure of how the branch-deploy configuration is going to look, I think someone else would chip in in some time.

Yes your understanding is correct. This is what i have done and my site is working on custom subdomain perfectly.

But the branch subdomains give security warning and i am creating cname entry in route53 also for these branch urls like : CNAME

I don’t see any security warning on that domain. It loads fine for me:

Maybe you can have different luck by changing browser/device?

Yes … I think it takes some time. Now worked for me also. Thanks

Hi, @dmittal-delphix. I do see an inactive Netlify DNS zone here:

It must be deleted or activated and there is a support guide that explains both why and how to do so here:

If you delete the DNS zone above, you will not be using the automatic branch subdomain feature. The automatic branch subdomain feature requires Netlify DNS so if you delete the zone above it won’t work.

When using external DNS, these instructions apply instead for SSL on branch subdomains:

​Please let us know if there are questions about any of this and we will be happy to answer.

Thanks! Now I am clear, was trying to use automatic branch subdomains with external DNS Provider