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Add link or bold in the Text widget netlify

Hello I am using a widget text but I would like to add links to a specific words I am using JSON format like that in the production o get like this [text](www.google .com)

- file: "posts/home/hero_home.json"

        label: "Hero Home"

        name: "HeroHome"


          - {

              label: Hero Home,

              name: Hero Home,

              widget: list,



                  { name: Title, label: Title, widget: string },

                  { name: description, label: description, widget: 'markdown' },

                  { name: CTAText, label: CTA Text, widget: string },

                  { name: CTALink, label: CTA Link, widget: string },

                  { name: Image, label: Image, widget: image },



Hi @userweb,

Text widget, like the name suggests, supports only Plain Text. You’d have to use Markdown widget for that.

However, even with Markdown widget, actually converting the Markdown to link would be a task for your SSG.