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Add custom domain to bookdown for integration in blogdown website

Hi all,

I’ve recently set up and deployed a new website using the R package blogdown here with the following netlify site name: jaspertjaden.netlify.app

I want to integrate these GitHub Pages in my website: Intro to R for Social Scientists

One approach I already tried can be found here: setting the A record in my netlify domain DNS configurations for the webpage.

However, the following error is being returned upon my attempt:

dns_api jaspertjaden.com - jaspertjaden.com/A: 400 - link exists, all config must be empty

I haven’t found a similar approach online and am therefore not sure whether it is possible. I’d appreciate any help.



hi there, in order to set a new A record you will have to delete the existing one, and then add a new one. Can you try and see if this works for you?

Hi perry, thanks for the response!

I had not deleted the existing A record because I feared that as a consequence, my currently existing blogdown website would not be connected to the domain of interest anymore.

Ideally, the domain refers to both the main website and the GitHub Pages in the form of www.domain.com/projectname

However, let me know if that is not possible.


Hey there, @jdt

Great question! If you delete your existing A record you are correct, your website will no longer be connected to the domain of interest. That being said, once you connect your new A record this will be resolved. Please keep in mind that with DNS propagation time, this will not be instantaneous. You can read about DNS propagation time here.