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Add custom domain but still keep Netlify default domain

I’m about to add a new custom domain. Do the default {my-site}.netlify.app domain would still work (be available/reachable) after that? Thanks!

Yes @website-devs, your <site-name>.netlify.app is always available (and browsable) even after you set up a custom domain.


Thanks @coelmay! We do rely on this domain in many areas of our application so I just wanted to make sure a new custom domain wouldn’t break that. :+1:

In case you didn’t know, you can reference the URL which is the main address of your site as well as the SITE_NAME (e.g. my-awesome-app in my-awesome-app.netlify.app) through environment variables so that if your name/domain changes, your application will still know where things are.

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