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Add already existing domain to site

After following the guide to add custom domain (In my case country level top domain) to my site I came to a point that I can no longer do anything else. This is what Error I get

Hi @sudipghimire533,

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. You’re adding an A record pointing to the Netlify IP address inside Netlify DNS panel. This doesn’t seem like a reasonable step.

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Hmm. I am surely dumb here but what I am trying to do is

  • I have a domain registered namely, sudipg.com.np registered from register.com.np which is my country ctld domain provider
  • I have a site hosted from netlify at https://sudipghimire.netlify.app
  • I want to use domain sudip.com.np for this site.

You need to add Netlify’s name servers in your domain’s registrar. The rest would be more or less automatic.

I had done it already. Around 6/7 hours ago

Either it’s not propagated yet, or your registrar is having some problems as the records cannot be seen:

Your best bet would be contacting them for assistance.

Ok let’s wait for classic 24 hours to complete then?

That’s one option. It usually doesn’t take that long, but yes, it might.

Only thing I can think of is because I am using external domain (not registered from netlify)

No. A lot of users don’t purchase a domain from Netlify. Netlify itself is a reseller of domain from Name.com. It just helps configure the required DNS automatically and manage your payments in one dashboard instead of singing up for multiple services.

This is what I did. It is right yes?

I’m not sure how it’s done with register.com.np, but it seems wrong as compared to standards.

According to the page here: Nepal's official .np Domain Registration, it seems you’ve done what you could, but I’m not sure if such a configuration works correctly or not. At this point you could either wait or contact their support.

but it seems wrong as compared to standards

Could point out what’s exactly is that which do not align with standard so I can explain to them?

Domain registrars usually allow you to configure 4 or 5 name servers and they don’t call them primary and secondary name servers. They just call it name sever 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So I’m unfamiliar with the terminology of your domain registrar and don’t know if primary and secondary is doing the same thing as others.

I really am sorry that I have no knowledge on this but this is what I did:

  • Get domain sidipg.com.np
  • Add netlify nameserver in domain
  • Add it to the netlify custom domain
    That’s it.
    I really feel like I am missing a step about whole domain configuration.
    Previously, I had served my website from freedns.afraid.org where I could add A record to point to gilab followed by adding gitlab verification txt record. But to configure with netlify I am not being doing this at all. I know I am missing something I think but what’s thet? I would be glad to get helped. I am not sure I will be able to get premium feature of netlify if I don’t even get this basics right.
    Thank you!

You can use A records to point to Netlify too, but that won’t help you benefit from the global CDN. We’ve docs that would help you show what you need to configure, but you need to figure out how to configure it in your domain registrar. You can follow these docs here: Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs