Add a notes section to the Site Overview section

For my Netlify workflow I often create multiple commit branches each of which I build a running Netlify app. I would be helpful to have a section - in the Site Overview section where I can wrote some notes to make it easier to juggle all these running apps that are similar but have slightly different functionality.

Doug Turner
Elastic Image Software

Hi Doug,

Could I suggest that if you really have different apps running from the same codebase, it might be neater (since I don’t think we’ll have these notes anytime soon) to create several different sites - one for each? It’s not against the rules to:

  • link the same repository to multipel netlify sites
  • using different production branch for each
  • then you can name them all something separate (e.g. and to make things more obvious to you and your collaborators?

Happy to enter the feature request if that won’t work for you, but I think you’d be better served by organizing differently in our UI than waiting for a feature that may never arrive :wink: