Active Forms duplication

Hi Community!
I’m having troubles with my Netifly Forms and after hours searching the community and reading the documentation, I couldn’t find a solution.


  • No Data on each form submissions

  • It seems every time I deployed a new active form was created:

Some information

  • Each field has a name attribute
    <input class="appearance-none block w-full bg-gray-200 text-gray-700 border border-gray-200 rounded py-3 px-4 mb-3 leading-tight focus:outline-none focus:bg-white" **name="Nombre"** id="nombre" type="text" placeholder="Tu nombre">
  • in the Form element I added the following attributes:
    <form class="w-full" name="contacto desde sitio web" method="POST" data-netlify="true">
  • Site name
  • What I used to build the site: 11ty, TailwindCSS, Alpine.js

Thanks for your help in advanced

Well, I solved…but I don’t know which thing was the one that hit in the spot. Sharing here just someone else has the same problem:

  1. I changed the name of the Form (I used a more specific name and without spaces)
  2. I Added reCAPTCHA 2 and Honeypot bot-field


Thanks! Please answer this post if you know which thing solved my problem

hi there!

We are aware of the strange issues with forms duplication and we are actively working to get this fixed. thanks for reporting!

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Hey @rlou,

we’ve rolled out a fix for this, and there should now no longer be any forms duplication happening. Let us know if you do see this re-occur!

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Thanks Perry!