Accross Team, Global Site Environment Variables Not Pulled Down


We have a team with two members on it currently. For our team, under “team > global site settings > shared environment variables” we have some environment variables set. We expect that with this setting, all team members should have access to these environment variables on a local build when using netlify dev.

However, instead, one of our team members who is the owner has full access to the env variables on a “netlify dev” build. The other who is a collaborator does not have access to when running a “netlify dev” build.

If you look into our account, to get around this for the time being I moved several environment variables from the “team > global site settings > shared environment variables” to the “site > build & deploy > environment > environment variables”. Once I did this the team member was able to access the environment variables.

Is there something specific that needs to be done, or specific permissions to be given to a team member to have access “global shared environment variables” when they are running a “netlify dev” build locally?

Hi there, @mashaalm :wave:

Thanks for your patience here! We have been a bit underwater recently. Are you still encountering issues with this? Let us know if you have lingering questions and I will loop in a team member.

Hello @hillary and the netlify support team at large!

I’m having exactly the same issue.

I (owner) have full access to the shared environment variables in the UI and via netlify dev.
A fellow team member has no access in the UI and netlify dev does not inject them.

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Is this the intended behavior?

site: gv-front

Hey @danielthedifficult,

This is expected behaviour. Collaborators are not provided access for the team’s variables. If they did, this would be a security risk.