Account suspended, then verified via Stripe, now my domain is no longer linked to my site

Like many other users, my account was recently suspended for suspected fraudulent activity. I have no idea what that would be other than a CORS issue with the Facebook chat widget that I tried to figure out and couldn’t. My site is for a Canadian music charity.

Anyway, I uploaded my ID via Stripe and - again like other users here - received the “Error fetching result, please try again.” I left it a few hours.

I also found advice here to reset my password, which I did. I was then able to log into the Netlify account, but all of the configuration I’d done was completely gone, including the GitHub integration.

So I set it all up again, connected GitHub again, etc. My site now deploys when I push to the GitHub repo, etc.

The domain name I had registered on the site, which was working perfectly before the suspension, is now not there in the site configuration, even though I can log in to the Netlify account now. However, the site is still live at that domain and when I push to the GitHub repo, the domain points to the updated site.

I had branch deploys set up and those are working as they were before the suspension, and I had ‘branchname’–‘reponame’ working as well, but I can’t figure out how to get that to work again.

So… is the Netlify account I’m logging into with the old email address but new password a ‘new’ account or was it just gutted and all the settings erased when it got suspended?

Is the domain registration still active? How can I configure the domain in the new account?

Essentially, I uploaded my ID via Stripe like you asked and all I want is for things to go back to the way they were!

The email address I use to log into Netlify is

The domain is

Please help me!

Thank you,

Hi :wave:t6: yes, It looks like you have two separate accounts. When you try in login with the email associated with what happens? I don’t see that it’s blocked so you should be able to access this no problem.

Thanks, SamO.

I managed to get it sorted out today. I do now have two accounts, and my original account is now unblocked.

I didn’t receive any notification (email or anything else) that the Stripe verification had gone through, so I didn’t know what to do.

All is working as it should be now.

Can you escalate the issue of the Stripe verification process throwing the “Error fetching result” error and then no email or whatever else being sent to the user when the Stripe verification is successful? It’s a confusing process, and I’m not the only one who’s had this problem!

Thank you for your help,