Account suspended soon after registring it

Im a web developer,Im making websites for small business and I wanted to test netlify, which I loved.

My account got flagged and got suspended, I couldnt verify with stripe because confirm button was blacked out, I believe it happened because i forgot to turn my vpn on.

I would hate to not be able to use netlify.
I hope I can get some help soon.

hiya :wave:t6: welcome to the netlify support forums! I can see your account is suspended. I have sent your query to our helpdesk. Our fraud and abuse team will follow up with you via email on ticket #249191

Great, thank you a lot!

Hello, the netlify support team resolved my issue and unsuspended my account. But I have one more account suspended to which one my domain is connected. They asked me to open up new ticket wit hthat mail so they could unsuspened account so I can remove domain and delete it.
email to that account is

Kind regards.

Hi there! We can help you open up that other account, but each user is only allowed to have one Starter-level account. So we can either disconnect your domain from the closed account, or we can close your current account to you can use your account. Let us know what you prefer and we can continue with next steps.

Close account so I can use domain on other account

Ok! Thanks for the confirmation! I’ve reopened up your account. Let us know if you continue to have any trouble logging in! Thanks!