Account Suspended Because of Community Guidelines


After resolving a previous issue, support deemed one of pieces on one of my sites as problematic and chose to suspend my account. While I respect their decision, I’d like to appeal to that.

I’m a writer who wrote in various national publications, including the local edition of the international women’s magazine, Marie Claire for almost three years.

The problematic piece refers to a famous, widely-known poem in my native language which is highly exaggerated and satirical in its nature and tries to emulate its tone. Furthermore, should the other content be checked, it would be apparent that there are some empowering pieces which would definitely clash with the suspected piece’s tone. Plus it is regarded after translating via translation tools while the tone and implications in my native tongue can be totally lost.

So I’m willing to put a disclaimer as the support or guidelines deems fit for the problematic piece or remove it as a whole.

Otherwise if the support is willing to go through with their decision, I would like to get hold onto a previous domain I purchased via Netlify,

My account’s stub: oyolcinar

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Hi @Olgun_Yolcinar thanks for reaching out! We have responded to your ticket and will continue to discuss this with you in our helpdesk. Please stay tuned. Thank you!