Account suspend

i am on netlify it suspended my account all my sites are lost not access, email that i use, what can i now do

@scottdin See:

Worst case scenario you probably want the alternative providers linked here:

where is the link nathan


i actual my site made up with HUGO is it possible to use that on there

I’m not sure which provider you’re referring to, as there are four different ones linked.

You would see the documentation of the relevant provider, for example Cloudflare Pages has:

Hi @scottdin , you may be eligible for your account to be re-enabled. Can you please attempt to login again and you should be prompted to submit an appeal? From there our VP of security will manually review your case and email you back with a decision.

In the future I’d opt in for a pro trial as this will help with not getting banned unnecessarily.

i done everything but still that problem coming

You should be able to verify your ID with Stripe when you sign up. Have you been prompted to do this. If not please write a ticket into our helpdesk and mark the issue as signup/login.