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Account Payment

I was able to enable auto-payment before the cut of time to ensure my account stayed active.
After checking, I noticed my site is down.
Is there a way to go in and charge the card on file?
Also, will there be an option to make a one-time payment to avoid future disconnections?
Please let me know at your convenience.



Hi @devlatney,

Payments are run once every day. So, if you add a card on the last day o your account’s suspension, you’d have to wait till the next day when the payments would be run. Once your card is charged, the account will resume.

I enable auto-payment on the 27th before the 8 minutes before the timer ran out.

It’s now the 29th and my site is down.

Is there a way to make one-time payments to avoid disconnection?

This is a huge inconvenience as I have employers and clients going to my site.


Latney Russell

Hi @devlatney,

Sorry about that, but there’s no way for us to charge us in the middle. We recommend having the payment method ready before the last moment.

You do get a big grace period to do that.