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Account got banned and can't use the custom domain of a site of that account

Hello, previously my account was banned for using torrent in the lambda functions. But there I was also hosting my portfolio website with my custom domain. bipuldey.com.
But now I am trying to use that domain in another account. But it’s saying Domains must be unique across Netlify. Currently another site is using this domain. If you don’t know which site, please contact support for guidance.

Now how can I use that domain in another account?

Hi @bipuldey19,

We can give you your previous account minus the site that was reported, or we could allow the domain to be used on a new account. Which of that would you prefer?

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Thanks for your response. It will be nice if I get my previous account back.

Hi @bipuldey19,

Your account minus the reported site has been restored.

I can’t log in to that account. It’s showing a error. If I can’t sign in to that account then please allow the domain to be used on a new account.

I can see that account being active here: Netlify App.

Regardless, I’e removed the domain from that account.

Actually, my previous account was with my github account. After creating a new account, I have added the github account to the new account. That’s why I wasn’t able to log in to that account. But now the problem is solved and I can use the domain. Thank you for your help.