Account/Domain Help Please


So my account has been playing up a lot, I have a domain on here called

For some reason I can’t login into my account for this, I tried resetting no email comes through. I know this account is registered as a) I use it haha b) If I try to make an account it doesn’t let me.

Now each time I try to reset or even login it says API rate limited, I came back a few hours later same issue. I tried with a different device, on a different IP same API issue.

I managed to log into with my github as it’s linked to the same email, however it acts like I have a new accounts and everythings empty. I try to add on my domain to my github account ( which has the same email ) it throws this error:

“name is already taken, is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones”

I’ve removed the domains nameserver from netlify hoping it would disconnect and allow me to use through my github login instead after trying to re add the domain.

Could someone help me please?

I presume the only way forward would be:

I manage to fix my account in trying to log in or the domain is removed from it’s associated account allowing me to rebind it to another?

Would genuinely appreciate some support :slight_smile: I’m working on a project and need the site up! Any questions please do ask

@DavidDarnes Could you help please :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I’m the right person to ask, however have you tried checking your spam folders for the account reset emails? Some email platforms can be quite aggressive when looking out for spam, and for some like Outlook will block the email entirely. Something to check at least :+1:

Yeah I did have a look at, it’s weird. I think the easiest way if someone could just remove the domain away from the account so I can just use it on another please.

Can @luke maybe help :slight_smile: ? from the @support_staff

Sorry for the shamless tag but I needed the site for something today!

Hi, @talha. I did reply to the support ticket about this. Please follow-up there. If you don’t see the support ticket email however, please reply here anytime to let us know.