Accessing the local site using allowed_hosts

I’ve used ForestryCMS, CloudCannon and others in the past but in the last week or so I have decided to give Netlify CMS a go. So far I have found the setup and configuration all relatively simple.

There is one thing I would like to do that I am having a problem setting up. I build using Hugo and I always run my sites locally on a host other than localhost eg.

I’d like to have the CMS on that host too but it wont work for me apart from on localhost. Other than changing the local_backend option in the config file am I missing something.

config.yaml setting update

local_backend: true

    allowed_hosts: ['']

Any ideas/help would be much appreciated. Thank you

Message on page
“Unable to access identity settings. When using git-gateway backend make sure to enable Identity service and Git Gateway.”
Error in console

Hmm, that’s not a configuration we’ve tried to provide tech support on before. I suppose you’d want to run your own copy of git_gateway: GitHub - netlify/git-gateway: A Gateway to Git APIs … and then configure it to use the git_gateway backend (Git Gateway | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System), maybe?

Not really sure if that could work, to be honest. Our Suppor team don’t provide direct tech support on our open source projects (and we also have little experience guiding people in using that config) - so we may not get you an answer beyond that, but hopefully it helps!

OK thanks I will likely give it a try. As I said I have everything I need working I just hoped to utilise this option which seemed really simple according to the documentation.

If it proves too complicated I will ditch the idea as I don’t really need the CMS part available on that host.