Accessing Netlify CMS content from the client side

I was wondering, whether there is anything against using Netlify CMS with a non-static-generated vue SPA, so basically, writing the content files generated by the CMS to the public folder, and downloading them from the client side code, as if I was interacting with an API.

Technically it’s feasible, but I did not find any guides or docs for this, so it’s kinda implicitly discouraged, was wondering whether there’s a reason for that.

You can simply fetch json files from a folder. With the way folder collections work though, it’s not a very effective process (loads of json files), and putting most of your content in a file collection (so one big json) is not that UI friendly.

You could try to add an extra build step where you merge all the json files from a folder collection into one big file though.

Thanks for the answer, yes what I thought! For my use case, I’d mainly need to request only 1 piece of content at once, which I’m guessing is just 1 json file, but I really like the idea of the extra build step for when I need to list items from a collection!