Accessing a website by typing the url in a browser

I am a novice to building websites, but I built one with html by copying parts of another template. I dragged and dropped it from my computer to netify and deployed it. If I copy the url from my browser and email it as a link to someone else, they can open it, but I can’t get to the website by typing the url in my browser. If I buy a domain from netify will I be able to reach the website by typing the url in a browser?

You must be mistyping something.

If you look at the Overview page for your site, you will see an information block that looks something like this:

That URL in green type is the URL of your site. If you click on it, it will take you to your site. If you copy it from your Overview page or from the address bar in your browser, you should have the entire correct URL.

If this is not what is happening for you, you are doing something incorrectly.

HI, @jsl5-code, and welcome to the Netlify community site.

I agree with @gregraven that it seems unlikely that the site URL works only if it is copied/pasted but not when typed in. Something else might be happening but my best guess is that something is being typed differently that the actual URL.

Would you please let us know what URL isn’t working when typed? If you prefer to send that URL as a private message (PM), I have enabled PMs for your community account so please feel free to do so.