Access to git inside build image

I’m trying to build docs sites ( using a site generator not in the build images, but the tool is in pypi, so I can grab it with requirements.txt. However, the build process does require cloning other git repos (not submodules or subtrees). I figured this is something people have done with multi-repo sites. Is it possible to get access to additional commands, or to use custom build images in any way?

Welcome to the community @shaunix ,

Not sure what commands you are looking for but all the commands of the build image (default) are available to you either by running a script or directly through the build command. You also have the option of creating your own Build plugins.

You might already be aware of these options. If you drill down to what you are having an issue running will help identify with a solution that someone might have already solved.

I need the git command, so I can clone git repos. I’ll take a look at build plugins.