Access to Edge Functions

Hi, I have requested access to Edge Handlers numerous times over the last few months and have never received a reply until today where I was pointed here. We are now in the process of looking to migrate away from Netlify as this is now a blocker for us.

Appreciate if somebody can contact me.

Regards, Ben.

Hi there, @Ben

Thanks so much for reaching out. I have shared your request with the team and hope to have further information shortly for you!


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Hey Ben!

Sorry this experience has been pretty suboptimal. We haven’t been able to move as fast on the beta program as we’d like but the good news is, we are ready for some more beta customers as of yesterday! Our main requirement is that you have a well-suited use case and you intend to use the feature at some non-trivial volume in the short term, so we can get some actual feedback on what is still a closed beta for at least the rest of this quarter.

Mind sharing (or linking to, if you already shared somewhere - telling us “I filled out the beta form a year ago” or “I emailed your support team from address x@y.z about it on 26 May 2020” would be sufficient - I didn’t find any prior traffic from you at this address in our helpdesk or I would not have asked) your use case, and confirming that you will be using this at some scale? Once I get that confirmation and verify the use case (I don’t want to sign you up for something you can’t succeed at, or something that could be better achieved via some other facility), I’ll be able to get you onboarded within a couple of days.

Thanks for sticking with us this far!

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Hi, thanks for the reply!

I completed the signup form here several times: Edge Handlers - Edge Computing Platform.

We have changed our domain name from .io to .ai so it may be under the .io or my personal gmail which I am happy to DM you if required. I dont seem to have received any submission receipts. I also tried via twitter and no reply:

From the context you give, you are looking for “non-trivial volume” which i fully understand. Thats not us. We are exactly a trivial account.

So it sounds like its not a feature we can use and as I say, I get it if thats where you are in the beta.

All the best, Ben.