Access image upload url in submission-created function

Is it possible to access the url of the uploaded image via automated form handling in the submission-created function?

It seems that only the file name is accessible in the event and that context also doesn’t provide it.

interesting - i don’t have an answer but we’ll try and get you one!

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could you try and share some code that gets the file name so we can see how you are implementing the parts that do work? thanks.

Is the upload url of the submitted file supposed to be available in submission-created?

Hi, @User2. The images are not automatically accessible by the submission-created function.

We can create a feature request for that but it isn’t possible currently.

One workaround would be to have the function itself access Netlify’s APIs and to download the submitted imaged that way.

If there are other questions about this or if we should create the feature request, please let us know.

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Hey Luke!

Thank you for the answer, I hope you are doing great!

It would indeed be great to be able to access them, so a feature requests sounds like a good plan.

F.e. if a submission is created, I would like to have access to the image url so that I can create a ticket for a support system in submission-created and add the image url to it.

Accessing Netlify’s API’s in the function sounds intriguing, I will check that option as a workaround.

Is multiimage upload somewhere on the horizon?

Hello @User2 ,

Multiimmage upload is supported. You’ll need to use multiple fields with one image upload per field.

I filed the feature request for you :sparkles:

I came across this blog article and thought maybe it would help with your use case: How to Parse Multipart Form Data with Netlify Functions :slight_smile:

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