Access Denied When Logging In

So all my sites went down today, so I tried to login to my account and I got stuck in an infinite loading loop. I tried on numerous browsers and its with no luck. I checked the console and it says Access Denied. I need to login to the account to remove DNS records from my domain.

Hi :wave:t6: i’m not seeing any blocks on your account. Can you please share your email so I can check what’s going on. is the email of the account

the same thing has now happened to the account which is connected to the email on this account.

Hi @apollo :wave:t6: thanks for writing back in. After further investigation we found that you were infringing on Netflix’s trademark. Whether this was a demo site or not cloning trademarked sites is against our terms of services.

Your site was reported by Netflix’s team as a phishing attack. Unfortunately we will not be able to unlock your account as you have violated our terms of service.

Am I able to receive the files for all of my sites and relieve the dns all domains linked to both and

Hi, @apollo. You cannot just sign up under a different email address. We have told you that your sites must be hosted elsewhere. The login for the email address has been suspended as well for this reason.

Regarding getting copies of your files, Netlify is not a file storage service and we will not provide backups of these files. It is your responsibility to keep local copies of your sites.

Regarding the domains for your sites, you will need to revert the DNS servers at the registrar which is not something Netlify controls.

This thread: I am unable to login to my netlify account. Please help me! - #5 by SamO implies that source files are stores and retrievable and i would quite like mine.

Additionally this article: [Support Guide] What you can do about this error message: "A DNS zone for this domain already exists under a different account" implies the use of DNS zones, of which i would like the ones for and removed.

Finally, my account was in good standing condition after years of usage prior to making a PARODY site with no intention of infringement thus falling under fair use. You can even see this for yourself if you just take 2 minutes to look at the site. An opportunity to at least continue hosting my prior websites and no longer host the “infringing” website would be appreciated.

Please fill out a ticket here.