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Access dcpsotc account

One of our colleague who is not working with us, setup the netlify accounts and created two different sites

  1. dcpsotc
  2. dcps-otc

we have access to dcps-otc site but we cannot access the dcpsotc site. Can you please provide us access to that site also.

Hi @dcps-otc,

We would need for the current owner of that website to write in (either in this thread or in our helpdesk) to confirm that they wish to transfer the site to your account.

Note, the email address used to post should match the one associated with that website.

I agree with you. But the problem is my colleague resigned from his position almost 2 years ago and his company email has been deactivated. Is there any other way to get this resolved.

Hi @dcps-otc,

I talked with the team and they suggest the following:

  1. Reactive the email address.
  2. Send a password reset email.
  3. Login to Netlify and change the email address on file here: Netlify App

Would this be possible?

sure will give it a try. Thank you!

I was able to go and update the email address for the dcpsotc. Can you now check and combine both to one login?

Hi @dcps-otc,

Thank you for that. The site has been transferred to Netlify App.