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Ability to reorder plugins

Thanks for the awesome service!

Regarding the section Plugins --> Installed plugins,
would it be possible to reorder plugins once installed in order to change their execution order?

hey there, i am going to move this question to the plugins area, this might already be possible.

Sure, thanks!

For more details:
I’m not installing the plugins using File-based installation but through the web interface via UI installation.
I’ve looked around the settings but I can’t seem to find any way to reorder them.
I’m asking this because I’ve installed both Minify HTML and Inline Critical CSS and the installation order changed the html output.

If it’s not possible I think it’d be a nice feature to have :slight_smile:

Hi @Signo,

At the moment, the only way to reorder plugins is to use the netlify.toml file-based installation.
There is a possibility that uninstalling then re-installing plugins might also reorder them, but that’s probably quite hacky.
I have added UI plugins re-ordering as a feature request here, please feel free to subscribe to this issue and bring additional insights to it. Thanks!