A way to exclude single pages/documents/files from publishing

Hi, by some tries i understood how Netlify, Github and Forestry work together.
I like the concepts realy much.
A simple question:
Can i prevent a single in Forestry created Page/Document from beeing published while the other Pages/Document are published?
Something like Draft for single files, which are exclude from publishing?

Thanks for any information.

hi there @harry.inet ,

welcome to netlify! After thinking about this for a minute, i do believe you might get a better/more useful response if you ask about this with forestry support, because what you are asking about isn’t something that netlify has direct control over.

It is definitely possible to have things like drafts using CMS such as Netlify CMS, Contentful, etc, so it should be possible with forestry - i am sure that forestry experts can help you accomplish this!

Maybe this is a good starting place?

Wow, thanks for the very quick response.

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