A record already exists

Have been trying to add A record but for some reason this error keeps poping up.

If anyone from the support can help delete it for me, it would be great.

@futuregerald @luke can you help me?

Hi @bannur and sorry to hear about the trouble! You don’t seem to use our DNS hosting, and your site is setup on another service - could you tell us more about what you’re trying to do?

If you want to point your domain to another service, you should not use our DNS hosting :slight_smile: We intend to host DNS only for folks whose websites we also host.

So, I have a domain from Go-daddy and an IP from Digital Ocean.
The website made with netlify is so good that I want to connect my domain to the netlify app. And I don’t know how to do that.

ah, thanks for explaining. So you want to connect your custom domain that you purchased through GoDaddy to the site you are running on netlify instead of digital ocean? Not a problem.

You can either:
-change the entries on the DNS server that currently points to your digitalocean IP (probably through some settings on godaddy)

-use Netlify DNS to point to your Netlify App

Here are some docs on how you might get started with this:

for more help, if you search for GoDaddy in the forums, you will find lots of previous questions on this topic. :+1: