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A file size question


I have https://cluckin.net / mystifying-elion-c3ded0.app.netlify.com. on the pro plan.

I have quite a few small (1 to 15MB) short videos which I have been converting to .webm and hosting from root using the video tag.

Just recently I have made a few longer videos which are more than 50MB in size and was wondering what netlify’s file size limits are. I googled it and it says 100MB but that’s in large media.

Also is there an overall site size limit as my site is image heavy and approaching 2GB in size?

Hi @neil0armitage,

There are no hard-limits in place as such that would prevent you from hosting 50 MB videos. You can do that, but note that the performance will take a hit. Netlify is meant to be used to serve static text assets like HTML, CSS, JS, etc. These files as long as they’re small in size get cached in the CDN nodes. Big files on the other hand are always served from the primary server in the US. Thus, you can expect slower speeds the further you’re from there.

About the total size approaching 2GB. That won’t be a problem. You might have problems with GitHub though, if you’re using that as I suppose GitHub has a 2GB per repo size limit.

Brilliant, Thank you. Not using GitHub.

Hi @neil0armitage

If you haven’t already, you could check out Cloudinary for your videos. They have a generous free tier and a server Netlify uses (e.g. on the Explorers site.)