A DNS zone for this domain already exists.... site: follow-tuscany.netlify.app [SOLVED]

Hi there,

I have a site that I launched on Netlify 4 years ago which was to be replaced by a 3rd party a few days ago. As part of this switch to the new site I deleted the DNS Zone, primary and secondary domains. The new site was launched fine hosted on some wordpress place.

Long story short they weren’t happy with the new site and I was asked to reinstate my version hosted on Netlify. The domain is registered externally with domena.pl and as such I set the nameservers back to the ones I had previosuly for Netlify and went to setup a Netlify DNS zone. I then encountered the above error. Using dig in the terminal the output appears to be okay. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Site name: follow-tuscany.netlify.app
Dig output:

dig followtuscany.com NS +trace | tail -n 6
followtuscany.com.	86400	IN	NS	dns1.p03.nsone.net.
followtuscany.com.	86400	IN	NS	dns2.p03.nsone.net.
followtuscany.com.	86400	IN	NS	dns3.p03.nsone.net.
followtuscany.com.	86400	IN	NS	dns4.p03.nsone.net.
;; Received 135 bytes from in 37 ms


NS1 support got back to me and the zone was in their “parking lot”. They removed it from the parking lot area and I was able to create the Netlify DNS zone and get the site up and running