"A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1" for new domain

I just registered techfoxhole.com on Name.com and when I try to setup it up on Netlify, I get the following message:
“A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1” error trying to create DNS zone “techfoxhole.com” And I can’t do anything else.

I was able to ascertain the nameservers for Netlify and put those in my nameserver list in Name.com – no change. Waited hours later… still the same error.

Anyone else try this?

Hi there, sorry to hear you are having some domain woes :frowning: Give this guide a read through, hopefully it will solve your problem. Let us know if it doesn’t.

I did what you just said and no love:

They are removed:

But I can’t add it:

My sad domain screen in Netlify:

At this point, you’ll need to reach out to Name.com, unfortunately. On occasion, they’ve had to ‘make further changes’ on their end (which we’re not privy to so I can’t elaborate further, I’m afraid).