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A DNS zone exists on NS1

Please remove the DNS zone for the domain [ hamzahmd.com ] from the NS1

The following message pop up every time when I try to configure my custom domain on my netlify page [ hamzahmd.netlify.app ]

A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1

It appears this domain is already managed by our DNS provider, perhaps via another service. You can manage your domain via the external service that also uses NS1 as DNS provider, or


Hi @hamzahmd,

Looks like some other service might have a DNS zone for your domain on NS1. I’d advise you to contact your previous hosting provider, domain registrar or NS1 so that the DNS zone can be removed and you can use it on Netlify.

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My previous hosting provider directing to this domain was also netlify.
Namecheap is the domain provider.

I removed my previous site from netlify.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m having chat with the support team of my domain provider ''NameCheap".
There is no problem with the domain. Please check if there is any DNS zone on the previous deleted site on netlify.

Hi @hamzahmd,

This thread will help:

As I said, the domain doesn’t exist on Netlify anywhere. We don’t know who has it. If your registrar won’t help, you can ask NS1 for help just like in the thread I linked.

Since we don’t own the domain, we can’t ask NS1 ourselves, but you can.

The alternative way work for me.
I’ve read multiple threads on answers.netlify.com related to this topic and I came to the conclusions:

  1. Whenever you want to delete a site from netlify or any other hosting services, make sure to delete the DNS zone of the corresponding domain before deleting the site.


  1. If you forgot to remove the DNS zone, use the alternative way of configuration i.e. A record and Cname using the advance DNS of Namecheap by adding the IP of netlify A record.