6-7 second TTFB on HTML

Just trying our Netlify for the first time. Set up a simple one-page test site, and am getting a horrendous TTFB. My index.html never has less than 6 seconds TTFB for me. To be sure it’s not just me, I tried testing on webpagetest.org, and it has the same results.


There are some missing resources that are 404ing. Those are easy enough to fix, but I don’t think it’s worth spending time on unless I can get the TTFB down to a reasonable amount.

Any idea what’s going on and what I can do about it?

My test site is: https://comedymagicevents.netlify.com/
For reference, my incredibly fast by comparison WordPress version of the same site is: https://www.comedymagicevents.com.


And it suddenly started working properly right after I posted this. I’ve been trying repeatedly for around a half hour before I posted here, so, I don’t know what changed.

But, nevermind, I guess it’s all good now. :man_shrugging:

Hi @magicalbrad and welcome to the Community!

You weren’t mistaken - it is a thing that is happening on rare occasion (but more often to monitor-type software). You can see more details in this thread:

While it’s one of our top priorities, I don’t expect a quick fix, but I also think that the effects should be fairly limited (<.001%) based on the stats we’ve found whenever we looked across large numbers of requests to specific domains that see it on occasion.

Hi everyone, we have some great news :tada:

We have tested & rolled out a fix for these issues.

More information here:

Please feel free to discuss on that thread, I will close this one (and others) so to contain the conversation a bit more. Thank you all for your patience :pray: