502 errors ?! We're DOWN!

Site: oceg-web-site
Error: 502 on any page from Panama. No error using office VPN to Arizona.

These daily outages are really aggravating. We’re going to wire up some monitoring to get an idea of uptime using Netlify.

EDIT: now it’s everywhere. We are completely DOWN!!!


Your status page is all green. This is insane.

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One of my sites (but interestingly, only one), is also 502ing as of about 15 minutes ago.

Just chiming in. My Next.js app is also getting http 502 errors for images that are optimized on demand. Was also getting intermittent http 500 errors about 12 hours ago for about 20 mins.

Seems to be back up.

Hi @slegay :wave:t6: , Welcome to the forums! I’m sorry to hear you were having issues with your site. I’m glad to see it’s live again. Please let us know if anything changes.

We are down again. We are experiencing between 8 and 30 minutes of outages in various regions frequently. Same as before, 504 errors. No code change on our end. Comes back up on its own eventually.

Right now we’ve been down for 20 minutes in the US region in the middle of the day. This is honestly the most unreliable web site hosting I’ve seen in the 25 years I’ve been doing this.

Is there any hope that this is going to improve?

This is just today:

Hey folks,

Wanted to make sure everyone saw Site going down every 10 minutes - #56 by joey which is a post from our Product Manager around Edge Functions & Stability.