502 and micro cuts + Answers to email

my app production-splitter.netlify.app
my custom domain: “edityouraudio.com

I have cloudflare in front of netlify and I have often have a 502 along with some micro cuts making the website unavailable (see screenshot below)

I’m on a business plan and sent already several mails through the support that I never received a reply to so I’m posting here

is it possible to raise the lambda timeout function to let’s say 30s to make sure it’s not that
can you help me understand how I can debug this as the cloudflare/netlify pair seems to not be working well

Again, thanks for your platform but please, help me quick :slight_smile:

Does this help?

You may also want to revisit this:

No sorry but it does not help

Maybe @perry ?

Hey there, @martinratinaud :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you are experiencing some difficulties.

I have gone ahead and looked through the Helpdesk, and all emails you have sent between March 30th and April 23rd have been responded to by our Support Engineers. Please let me know if you are referencing something different.

If you would like to DM me, I can confirm the email address that all of those responses went to.