500 error in prod, but not in permalink w/ Sveltekit, GraphCMS

the main page of my site gets a little bio from GraphCMS. it works fine in the permalink, with npm run dev and npm run preview, but for some reason it does not work in the production deploy. when clicking “Home” in the nav bar and looking at the network tab i noticed it makes the correct post request in the permalink, but not in the production deploy for some reason.


i thought it was because of the endpoint being in my .env locally, but even after hardcoding it i’m still having this problem. i’m painfully new to svelte and netlify, so i’m not entirely sure where the problem could be coming from.

here’s the relevant links:

help would be appreciated!

after playing around with it for the past day or so i was unable to figure out where the issue was, but moving to a competing service resolved the issue. maybe there’s some extra configuration or something with svelte-kit specifically that’s needed for Netlify? or maybe i messed up somewhere? not sure. i’ll leave the question open for others and happily move back if a resolution can be found later.

Hey there, @01dog :wave:

Thanks for your patience here! I have looped in our Support Engineers to look into this further for you.

Hey @01dog,

I deployed a clone of your repo: https://deft-beijinho-786619.netlify.app/, which seems to work.

I’ve hardly changed anything:

except for the obvious stuff like, changed adapter-vercel to adapter-netlify and hardcoded the environment variable.