4TB Bandwidth in 2 days - need assistence in narrowing down which of my sites are taking the hit

Hi, have been a long time Netlify user and have deployed many sites. I have a paid account and have sent an email support request, but have not had a response and the situation is urgent.

At my current team, we have 12 sites deployed, a mixture of staging, development and production environments, and have had everything run smoothly for the last 6 months. I received an email yesterday about an increased bandwidth package - assumed it was build minutes and did not dig deeper as I receive those regularly. Received another email today, and fortunately noticed the true issue - I have had 37 extra bandwidth usage packages purchased in the last 2 days - 2 emails for 37 purchases does not quite communicate the urgency of the situation!

There is no indication as to which site is using up all of this bandwidth, and have no option but to migrate away from Netlify immediately if this situation cannot be resolved - please assist in narrowing down which of my team’s sites are incurring these charges, and what steps can be put into place to avoid this issue.

Our production sites are behind Cloudflare, which does not reflect the 4TB of traffic being billed - so it might be one of the staging sites?

Hi, @ryans. I’ve sent you a reply on the helpdesk ticket now.

Please reply here though if you do not see that email from us.

Thanks Luke, received the reply and will respond via email.