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404 when opening link in new tab, or pasting URL


Having some odd behavior that only affects certain slugs on my “art” route. If a user is clicking through the site every link opens without a problem, BUT on certain routes if the url is opened in a new tab or pasted in I get the “Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.” 404 error.

Example: If you navigate to the art route ( https://artkillingapathy.com/art ), search “play” and click the first link it will navigate to the page, but if you try and open in a new tab or paste in https://artkillingapathy.com/art/play then you’re hit with a 404. The url is the same in both instances.

Scratching my head on this one - any leads would be appreciated. Thanks!


Hi @salvatoredangelo,

When I go here (https://artkillingapathy.com/art 1) and type ‘play’ into search and then click on the first link, I get sent to https://artkillingapathy.com/art//play (note there are two // after art (just before play) in the URL). I get this no matter which link I click on after doing a search (of play) (the two // after /art). If I remove the extra / for (https://artkillingapathy.com/art/play) I still get the 404.

This doesn’t happen if I search (for example) homelessness and then click on ‘Addressing America’s Homelessness and squalor: what we could do if we cared” link. The page displays correctly.

If I go to a section such as ‘poetry & spoken word’, I click ‘Paradigm Lost (Digital PDF)’ and that works, however, if I scroll down to and click on ‘Play’ I also get the 404 (also showing up as /art//play).

If you run this locally do you have the same issue? From the deploy log it doesn’t seem there is a ‘play’ page.

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Thanks for looking into this Melvin!

The double // is happening to me now as well, and it wasn’t a few hours ago. Locally everything runs exactly as expected and this was the case for the production site for the last two months. It’s weird that’s it’s happening only for certain pages - the poetry section seems to be the most affected. This seems to be a new bug considering I haven’t really done that much, if any, development on this project since launching at the beginning of May.

If you’re still facing the issue, I’d suggest you make your repo available for others to try.