404 on most image refs

netlify pages-- ratsband.com. and coreysmaller.com.

images do not work on admin blog and front end. Images that previously worked are now throwing “File Not Found” errors from ucarecdn.com.

I am using React/ gatsby and I have registered uploadcare in my cms.js file like so –

import uploadcare from ‘netlify-cms-media-library-uploadcare’;

my config.yml:
repo: csmaller/rats
name: git-gateway
branch: main
name: uploadcare
publicKey: xxxxxxxxxxxxx (removed for security reasons)
media_folder: static/assets
public_folder: assets
display_url: https://www.ratsband.com
logo_url: https://www.ratsband.com/images/rats_logo.jpg

  • name: blog
    label: Blog
    folder: content/blog
    create: true
    • { name: path, label: Path }
    • { name: date, label: Date, widget: date }
    • { name: title, label: Title }
    • { name: description, label: Description }
    • { label: ‘Featured Image’, name: image, widget: image, required: false }
    • { name: body, label: Body, widget: markdown }

hi there have you been able to resolve this?

I see lots of images on your site so it seems like you were successful in troubleshooting this!

hi! sorry for the very late reply. I think it is because I am using a third party to host my images and vids and I had some pretty big videos on there so I deleted them and it seems to be ok for now.

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Thanks for coming back and sharing!