404 from GravityForms API

Today, our Gatsby site ( thirsty-northcutt-9dfc94) started getting a 404/401 from Wordpress Gravity forms, seemingly out of no where. It works fine in local development and build, but happens every time the Netlify build runs:

 error Request was made, but there was an issue Error 404 from GravityForms API
1:20:15 PM: 
1:20:15 PM: 
1:20:15 PM:   Error: Error 404 from GravityForms API
1:20:15 PM:   
1:20:15 PM:   - axios.js:110 apiErrorHandler
1:20:15 PM:     [site]/[gatsby-source-gravityforms]/utils/axios.js:110:71
1:20:15 PM:   
1:20:15 PM:   - axios.js:59 getFormFields
1:20:15 PM:     [site]/[gatsby-source-gravityforms]/utils/axios.js:59:5
1:20:15 PM:   
1:20:15 PM:   - task_queues:96 processTicksAndRejections
1:20:15 PM:     node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5
1:20:15 PM:   
1:20:15 PM:   - axios.js:93 getFormsAndFields
1:20:15 PM:     [site]/[gatsby-source-gravityforms]/utils/axios.js:93:20
1:20:15 PM:   
1:20:15 PM:   - gatsby-node.js:63 Object.exports.sourceNodes
1:20:15 PM:     [site]/[gatsby-source-gravityforms]/gatsby-node.js:63:18
1:20:15 PM:   
1:20:15 PM:   - api-runner-node.js:487 runAPI
1:20:15 PM:     [site]/[gatsby]/src/utils/api-runner-node.js:487:16
1:20:15 PM:

Domain is vibemap.com, but it’s happen on the Netlify side of things.

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Hey there, @stevepepple :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. Can you try using node 16 instead of node 18? We are currently exploring how to better support sites using build plugins and node 18, but for the interim using node 16 should fix this.

Let us know!

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Hey Hillary, thanks for the pointer. Yes, I can roll back to the earlier version of Node. We upgraded to Node 18, because it’s required by Gatsby 5. So I suppose we’ll hold off on that for a little while longer, until these issues are addressed.

Do you happen to know why this kind of issues arrises with Node 18? If so, we might be able to apply a patch to the library to avoid this particular issue.

The original issue you reported was not related to Node 18 or 16. But when we checked your site, we saw the errors you were facing were due to Node 18, thus suggested that.

At the moment, any site using build plugins will fail on Node 18, and there’s no user-side action that can fix it.