404 error page not found

Hi I successfully deployed a small react project I am working on and it was fine, but the issue is I have routes In the project which works fine when I click on the respected link but if I should reload or refresh my page when I have clicked on the links it will bring error.

Site Name:. https://simplereactemoji.netlify.app

Where error is coming:. https://simplereactemoji.netlify.app/activities

According to this post [Support Guide] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found”, it may be the case that there’s no index.html for each page.

Also, I’ve never used React Router myself, but, I just did a quick Google Search about the issue and found that it’s common. Here, you can read more about it https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27928372/react-router-urls-dont-work-when-refreshing-or-writing-manually.

Thanks for the reply, I found a link and will try it out if it will work.

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What a coincidence, I had just found the same link while looking for something else. It clearly has a solution. That should do it!