404 Error on one page

Hello, I am having trouble with only page on our website.

The website url is www.awesominc.org.Currently, when someone enters a new session without any cookies (incognito) on our website and goes to this url: https://www.awesomeinc.org/venture-labs, a 404 error is given. Other pages work fine, for example, the about page: awesomeinc dot org/about

If you enter the website in non-incognito, then the page will load. For example:
awesomeinc dot org
awesomeinc dot org/venture-labs

Sorry, I’m a new user so I have to use “dot” instead of .

@awesomeinc, welcome to our community forum! I think this issue was caused by difference in two versions of the site being used in a split test.

With normal browsing the split test cookie keeps the browser on a single version of the site. When incognito mode is used there is no cookie to keep the browser on the specific split test version and you see the different behavior.