404 caused by missing SPA redirect rule

Hey there!
I just deployed my blog project made with react at

My react project was working perfectly fine in my localhost
But there’s a problem in netlify

Whenever I try to visit a page by clicking on a link from the homepage it works perfectly fine but the moment I try to visit that same page by typing in the URL it shows me a 404 page

which means visiting
is working fine if we visit it by clicking on a link from home page but

is giving 404 error when visited by typing it’s URL

Please help me It is very urgent for me


Hi, @aman_khan. We have a support guide that explains how to resolve this here:

If that support guide doesn’t answer your questions, please let us know what you have tried and what the results were. If you do this we will be happy to assist.

Hey @luke , thanks for your response, I was able to solve my problem with the guide your provided

Netlify and its forum is the best!

Good day :slight_smile: