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404 building monorepo

I am building a monorepo with sanity+gatsby in this url: https://mmhmm-sanity-debug.netlify.app/

I read the netlify documentation for building a monorepo with multiple sites, so I set up two netlify.toml, one inside /web, the other inside /studio.

Netlify builds, but the url posted above is giving me a 404. Why? I am specifying the correct outputs I believe.

Inside /web:
base = “web/”
publish = “web/public/”

Inside /studio:
base = “studio/”
publish = “studio/dist/”

I believe I dont have to specify a netlify.toml in root, is that correct?
Why is this failing?

let’s take a step back - do you have an index.html where we are expecting one to be?

one idea might be to try downloading your site and see if we are building what you are expecting us to build. here’s how:

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I am not sure I understand the answer. Gatsby has an index under web/public/index.html

But I am confused in the way it should be setup with sanity. In sanity+gatsby blog demo repo that is connected with netlify, it doesnt have a netlify.toml in the /studio and /web.

Hi @rootion,

To advice further, we’d need to see your repo so that we can see what you’re seeing.