200 rewrites to other team's sites?

Hi all,

I have a quick question on setting up 200 rewrites to other Netlify team’s sites.

More specifically, I’m working with another person and both of us are using separate free accounts. I am trying to set up some 200 rewrites using _redirects to that person’s Netlify sites but only an empty white page is showing. The same happens when his Netlify sites try 200 rewrites to my sites.

I am wondering if this is just one of the limitations of being on free account or there is a known solution.

I’ve skimmed through other existing topics in the Community, but could not find anything directly related. Any comments are welcome.

Thank you!

Aha! The documentation page on redirects and rewrites states that “rewrites between Netlify sites belonging to different teams are not allowed.”

I totally missed that…

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