16 minute build using hugo + lunrjs

I’m trying to keep some documentation on a system I work on. However, I fear the build time might be too long. I looked at the topics here about doing things to take advantage of the cdn. However I’m not even sure where to start to lower this time.

Build link: Netlify App

Howdy! I think this is the main article you need to read and act on:

It is about the size of your site, but really, the size of what changes with each build is what matters most.

LEt me know if it’s not obvious after reading that how to tell what changes. Fixing that thing could be easier or harder, but figuring it out is step 1 :slight_smile:

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I kept thinking about it on and off. Each page gets teh whole “index” if you will of the links. I’ll have to rethink how that happens as, that is making the pages change each time.

So I rewrote how the “sidebar” is built.
Before every page had a link to every other page.
Also every page had a “modified” meta tag of when it was built.
Those could be handy but not at the cost of netlify re-uploading each file uniquely every time.